Infinite Crosswords Game Overview




Crossword game


Crossword Mania
All the crossword puzzles you could want, that's why it’s called Infinite Crosswords. Expand your word power by playing new daily crosswords. Decipher clues. Choose your level of difficulty for that extra challenge. Feel the satisfaction when you complete an entire puzzle!





To enter a word, click any word boxes, then type. The word's clue is in yellow at the top and right of the puzzle.





To enter a vertical word, click in the yellow letter-cursor (the purple highlight will rotate on the selected letter) then type.





If you get stuck, click Solve at the top to get the selected letter, word, or even the whole puzzle!





 Tips and Strategies




·          If you're trying to finish a puzzle quickly, don't use the mouse. Learn and use the keyboard commands (arrows to move the letter cursor and space bar to turn the highlight) for faster response time. But be careful, if you still have to type an existing letter, the game won't automatically skip over it.




·          Remember, the entire puzzle fits together. If the clue to a word is really hard, solve the words running across it for additional hints.