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Stamp out crime!
Thieves have stolen an expensive and rare stamp collection and it’s up to you to track them down and recover the valuable haul.

Chase the villains around the world by matching stamps to collect clues and keep you hot on the trail of the crooks. Just when you think you’ve got the case cracked, watch out for sudden disasters intended to throw you off the scent. 




Swap adjacent identical stamps to make a match of three or more and turn the background red.


Crime Puzzle game



Match five stamps to clear all stamps of that design from the board.


Crime Puzzle game



The timer bar will shrink as time passes. Turn all the background tiles red before it runs out to advance to the next level.


Crime Puzzle game


  Crime Puzzle Tips and Strategies





·          Try to think several moves ahead.




·          Keep an eye out for potential matches of five icons. Matching five stamps will remove all stamps of that design from the board, making it easier to complete remaining matches.




·          Try to avoid getting stuck in a corner – this will make matching more difficult.




·          Pay close attention to the background – it’s easy to overlook single squares that have not yet been turned red.




·          Just concentrate on making matches in areas where the background has not yet been turned red.




·          If you’re feeling confident you can make matches all over the board – where background tiles have already been turned red – and score more points.




·          Rain tiles prevent you seeing the tile beneath it but the hidden tile can still be matched.