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Crescent Solitaire

Genre: Card & Board

Now you're playing with a full deck... or two!

Two decks of cards are scattered in a crescent, while four lonely Kings and four little Aces wait in the center to welcome the rest of their suit! Can you sort through this card-crescent chaos, to return the decks to their proper numerical order?

Or will you say “this is tough stuff!” and shuffle off in a huff?

Move cards from the crescent to form stacks on the two foundation rows. Each stack in the top row must descend from King to Ace, stacks in the bottom row must ascend from Ace to King.

You may only move a card to the foundation if it is one value less (on the upper row) or greater (on the lower) than a visible card of the same suit. Build all eight stacks to win.

Cards can also be moved within the crescent, onto any empty slot or visible card of the same suit which is one value lower or higher. Use this to reveal buried cards, or build runs for removal!