Crescent Solitaire Tips & Tricks




·          For the highest possible score, keep an eye on your two bonus meters.  The right-hand meter shows your time bonus, which starts ticking away as soon as the game begins. This bonus is potentially the most lucrative, so play as swiftly as you can!




·          The left-hand counter shows your move bonus – each card you move within the crescent deducts 1000 points from this bonus. Moving a card from the crescent onto one of the foundation stacks will not count against your move bonus, nor will reshuffling the crescent.  You only have four reshuffles, though, so use them wisely!




·          When moving cards within the crescent, an Ace can be played on a King, or vice versa, even though this is not a valid combination on the foundation stacks.




·          Cards can be moved between foundation stacks, if there is a legal move available; however, they cannot be  moved from the foundations to the crescent. Be very certain that you wish to place a card on the foundation, because once you do, it’s there to stay.  Even the Undo button only works for moves within the crescent!