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Play Cradle of Rome free online!


Come, see, and match-3 to conquer!
One of the most powerful capitals in the history of the world wants you as its emperor. Swap tiles to match three-of-a-kind or more in a row, conquer a legion of boards, and create nothing less than your own Roman empire!




Click Play to start your campaign. Swap tiles to match three or more in a row. Match four or five tiles in a row to get more resources!


Play Cradle of Rome free online!



Collect all three resource types to buy buildings for your city. Conquer boards as fast as you can to bag time bonuses and more loot!


Play Cradle of Rome free online!



Conquer boards to expand civilization. It won’t be easy. You’ll encounter rebellious locked tiles!


Play Cradle of Rome free online!







  Cradle of Rome Tips and Strategies








·          Match four- or five-of-a-kind same-type tiles to acquire more resources.






·          Collect all three types of resources—Gold, Supplies, and Food—to purchase buildings for your Roman city.






·          Collect coins to build the city. Each silver coin gives you 3 units of gold. Each gold coin gives you 5 units of gold.






·          Right-click buildings in the city for information on what each has to offer.






·          Buildings give you titles, like Merchant. Titles help you grow your civilization advance!






·          Buildings vary in value, some give you titles that are worth more and provide more gold, supplies, and food.






·          Your achievements are awarded with bonuses, such as small inhabitants appearing in your city and bringing you additional benefits.