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Carve your empire from the very desert!
Use coins, lumber, dynamite, and more to start your empire as a village and grow it to a mighty empire! Match strings of objects to collect them, then spend those resources to build an ever-expanding empire in the mighty desert!






1. Click and drag over objects to string a line of green arrows through all the objects you’re matching. Release the mouse button to make the match. The board will re-fill with new objects.


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2. To complete the level, eliminate the objects on top of red squares, as illustrated right. The first time you match an object on a red square, it will disappear as new objects re-fill the board. Clear the red squares before time runs out!


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3. As the game progresses, new tiles will enter the board that will both help or hinder you. Follow the on-screen instructions for how to deal with special tiles, such as wood and dynamite.


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