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   Cradle of Persia Game Overview







Carve your empire from the very desert!
Use coins, lumber, dynamite, and more to start your empire as a village and grow it to a mighty empire! Match strings of objects to collect them, then spend those resources to build an ever-expanding empire in the mighty desert!




1. Click and drag over objects to string a line of green arrows through all the objects you’re matching. Release the mouse button to make the match. The board will re-fill with new objects.





2. To complete the level, eliminate the objects on top of red squares, as illustrated right. The first time you match an object on a red square, it will disappear as new objects re-fill the board. Clear the red squares before time runs out!





3. As the game progresses, new tiles will enter the board that will both help or hinder you. Follow the on-screen instructions for how to deal with special tiles, such as wood and dynamite.












  Tips and Strategies








·          Work quickly to eliminate the red tiles—the time limit can run out before you know it!

·          If you need extra supplies, such as wood, eliminate all but one of the red tiles then concentrate on the parts of the board where you need supplies, then eliminate the red tile before time runs out.

·          Don’t forget that the object of the game is to eliminate the red tiles, so don’t get too focused on supplies or other goals. You can always play another level to get more supplies!