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  Special achievement badge available: Brick Buster!





Demolish your way to a brand-new badge!
Do you have a quick eye, speedy clicking finger, and lightning-fast brain?  Then you’re just the player we’re looking for!  If you can bring down enough bricks in MSN Games' color-matching action puzzler Collapse®, you might just land yourself a cool virtual reward.




Between August 12 and midnight PST on August 19, 2008, every point you earn in Collapse will be counted towards a token of our admiration for your gaming skill: the Brick Buster badge!

So here's the deal: between now and August 19th, you must

Play Collapse to win the Brick Buster Badge!

Play Collapse to win the Brick Buster Badge!


·          Earn a total of at least 150,000 points


Complete this goal, and the badge is yours!

Please note that all points must be accumulated during the badge challenge period – points you may already have scored before August 12th will not count towards this badge!



Think you're up to the challenge? Then it’s time to play!

Are you new to Collapse? If so, here's a helpful tip to get you started: when a color bomb appears on the screen, use it immediately! It will remove all bricks of that color from the current board. Bombs do not carry over between levels, and while you don’t necessarily need to use them a soon as they appear, it’s all too easy to accidentally use them in a match and remove them from the board without detonating anything. Use ‘em or lose ‘em!




Need a little more help to master the game? Check out our page of handy Tips for Collapse, and start building (and busting!) your way to this exclusive new badge today!




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