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  Clusterz! Game Overview






Points are popping!
Burst bubbles before too many of them pop in! Shoot a bubble from the bottom of the screen, and match its color with at least two other bubbles of the same color, to pop all the same-colored connected bubbles. If you don’t match ’em, more bubbles appear!






1. Pop bubbles by matching three or more bubbles. Aim your cursor where you want your bubble to go then click your left mouse button to launch it.







2. Richochet bubbles off the side and top of the board. If you shoot a bubble and don’t match a color, more bubbles will be created to form a cluster. Black bubbles cannot be popped.







3. Match and pop all of the colors on the board and the black bubbles will pop automatically, opening the next level. But if the board fills with bubbles, you lose!







  Tips and Strategies




·          If you can’t shoot any matches, bank the shot off the top of board and back so it leaves through the bottom of the board. This will at least keep one bubble from populating the board.


·          After a few levels, the game will start with no matches available at the beginning. This is to force population of the board with bubbles to increase the challenge of the game


·          Always try to leave a match open for the next color of bubble.




·          The game shows you which color of bubble is coming next—plan accordingly!