Genre: Puzzle

The trouble with Chuzzles!

Slide 'em across the board and hear these googly-eyed balls of fur giggle and squeak. Free them by forming groups of three or more. Earn trophies and unlock secret games -- but beware of dangerous puzzle locks. It's a Chuzzle world...we're just living in it!

Start by dragging the Chuzzles around by rows and columns. Whenever you make matches of three or more - poof! Their eyeballs fly into the beaker. When the beaker is full you're onto the next level.

As you make matches, some Chuzzles will become locked. Don't panic! Make matches with the trapped Chuzzle to break the lock and set it free.

Make matches of five or more Chuzzles, and you'll make a Super Chuzzle. Match up your Super Chuzzle and watch the fuzz fly! When you can't make any more matches, the game is over.