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  Chuzzle Tips and Strategies




Keep your eyes (and your ears!) open. When you have a potential match, you will see and outline of stars and hear an audio alert. Match ‘em up and fill that beaker!

Read outside the lines. Matching Chuzzles don’t have to be in a straight line. Clusters of three or more Chuzzles explode too!

Take the top-to-bottom approach. Since Chuzzles cycle through from top to bottom and side to side, remember that two touching Chuzzles may be at the far ends of each row or column until you grab them and drag them across the screen.

Let ‘em stack! More points are scored with combos. Think a few moves ahead and set yourself up for major points.

Super Chuzzles! When you match 5 or more of the same Chuzzle, you create a Super Chuzzle. When you make a match with a Super Chuzzle it will explode—and take all the surrounding Chuzzles out with it!

Don’t waste the blast! When you have a Super Chuzzle that’s all prepped to blow, make it count! Move it away from the sides of the game screen for full blast effects.





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