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Conquer the world with chocolate!

Search the globe for exclusive recipes and the sweetest ingredients. Between trips, set up your factories to maximize production in a fast-paced frenzy of fun. Do you have the savvy for scrumptiousness to climb the ranks from Apprentice to Master Chocolatier? Chocolatier is a scrumptious treat for the whole family!




Click Story Mode to get started. Evangeline Baumeister will be your guide through the first part of the game. Follow her instructions to learn how the game works.




Once you're on your own, check out the market in each port of call to see what ingredients are for sale, and then go back to your candy factory and start producing candy to sell!




Some characters you meet will offer you special quests, trade for new recipes, give you market tips, and more. Be sure to talk to everybody...you never know what you might learn!





  Chocolatier Tips and Strategies




·          Keep a variety of chocolates on hand. Sometimes having stocks of certain kinds of chocolate bars, chocolate squares, infusions or truffles will allow you to quickly complete quests.




·          Keep an eye on the selling prices of various chocolates. Don't waste resources producing larger quantities of a chocolate that always has a low selling price.




·          Make sure you pay attention to trends of chocolate prices over time. If prices start trending downwards think about switching production to a new recipe in order to keep your profit margins as high as possible.




·          Truffles earn the highest margins of all Chocolate types and Bars earn the lowest. Infusions earn higher margins than squares.




·          Stock up on Cacao Beans when their prices are low. Cacao Beans are needed for all the recipes in the game.




·          Don't overstock on rare ingredients. Unused ingredients deteriorate over time.