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Chicken Invaders 3 game


Who rules the roost?
Those pesky intergalactic chickens are back to wreak havoc for a third time. And it’s up to you to make sure it’s not a case of third time lucky for the relentless feathered attackers. Blast them out of the sky while avoiding their explosive eggs. Keep the earth safe from the fowl hordes, or the yolk will be on you!




Target the chickens by moving your ship left and right, up and down. Blast them with your weapons by using the left mouse button.


Chicken Invaders 3



Dodge the waves of chickens and make sure to steer clear of their explosive eggs.


Chicken Invaders 3



Collect the falling chicken drumsticks, coins and gift-wrapped presents to score bonus points and upgrade your weapons.


Chicken Invaders 3




  Chicken Invaders 3 Tips and Strategies




·          Blast the invading chickens with your weapons to turn them into harmless drumsticks.




·          Get bonus points and weapon upgrades by collecting the falling chicken drumsticks, and presents




·          Collecting presents increases the number of rockets your ship fires. Earn presents by quickly destroying chickens!




·          Avoid the explosive-laden eggs laid by the attacking chickens. You can move your ship anywhere in the play area to dodge them.




·          Clear each wave of invaders as quickly and efficiently as possible to score extra points by rapidly clicking the mouse button. Begin firing even before the level starts!




·          Dodge the asteroids. If you have more than one gun you can blast them but watch out for flying debris.




·          Blast the silver treasure chests with all you’ve got. Move slightly left and right while constantly firing to clear a path thru them.