Chicken Invaders: Holiday Edition game


Roast a chicken – or two – this holiday
Already fed up of turkey? Well this holiday season, try roasting a chicken – and saving the earth at the same time!

Yes those pesky cluckers have chosen the holidays to launch another invasion. This time they’re cunningly disguised in traditional festive attire and dropping bombs disguised as tree ornaments. Don’t fall for their fowl tricks!




Target the waves of invading chicken armies by moving the mouse left and right, up and down. Blast them with your weapons by using the left mouse button.




Chicken Invaders Holiday Edition



Dodge the enemy chickens in the Santa suits and make sure to steer clear of the explosive tree ornaments. Avoid snow-covered meteorites and asteroids at all costs too!


Chicken Invaders Holiday Edition



Collect the falling sprigs of holly and gift-wrapped presents to score bonus points and upgrade your weapons. The more you collect, the more impressive your firepower.


Chicken Invaders Holiday Edition




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