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  Chicken Invaders 2 Game Overview







Why did the chicken cross the solar system?
To seek revenge on humans, of course! Protect the earth and the rest of the galaxy from wave after wave of intergalactic vengeance-seeking chickens. Ruffle the feathers of the would-be invaders, by fair means or fowl! Fry them before they get the chance to destroy you and take over the world.






Target the invading chicken armies by moving the mouse left and right, up and down. Blast them with your weapons by using the left mouse button.






Dodge the enemy chickens and make sure to steer clear of their explosive eggs.






Collect the falling chicken drumsticks, coins and gift-wrapped presents to score bonus points and upgrade your weapons.






  Chicken Invaders 2 Tips and Strategies




·          Blast the invading intergalactic chickens with your weapons to turn them into harmless drumsticks.




·          Get bonus points and weapon upgrades by collecting the falling chicken drumsticks, coins and presents




·          Collecting presents increases the number of rockets your ship fires with each click of the mouse. Earn presents by quickly destroying chickens!




·          Avoid the explosive-laden eggs laid by the attacking chickens. You can move your ship anywhere in the play area.




·          Clear each wave of invaders as quickly and efficiently as possible to score extra points by rapidly clicking the mouse button. Begin firing even before the level starts!




·          Steer clear of the meteors.




·          Play alone, or team up with a friend, to cause maximum chicken carnage. (Available in PC Download version of the game only.)