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  Checkers Features

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·     Jump into a Quick Match game and we'll find players for you.



·     Play four variants: Standard, Short, Rated, and Suicide Checkers.

·     Play with other people or against the computer.

·     Challenge yourself with a timer, or play a more casual game.

·     Review and save the history of all moves played in the game.

·     Enjoy a new look and feel with a realistic game board.

·     Resize your window as large as you want—the game actually gets bigger.




  Checkers Game Overview



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About this game...


This is it: one of the most popular, easy-to-learn games in the world!

As a board game, Checkers has entertained players for generations. Now, in digital form on MSN Games, it’s the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon, brush up on strategy… or take your first step into the world of multiplayer gaming.



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