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Get rolling!
The classic amusement park game has come to your computer. It takes more than luck to master it! Get your aim right and you’ll have a ball!




Launch your ball by clicking on it and moving your mouse forward to throw the ball. Moving the mouse to the right or the left will cause the ball to roll accordingly.


Carniball game



Score a red ball and receive double the target points. A blue ball quadruples the target points!


Carniball game



If you a sink a ball in a glowing target you get a free ball!


Carniball game




  Carniball Tips and Strategies




·          Get the right speed on your ball. Throw too hard or soft and you won’t make it to the target! 




·          If it works, do it again! If a certain spot and speed gets you a good amount of points, repeat the move to earn some more!




·          Use those glowing pockets! If you score one, you get an extra ball.




·          Aim carefully with the blue and red balls and you can multiply your points!




·          Score over 600 points, and you get 3 extra balls!