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Heed the Call from a Lost City!
Return the seven crystals of power to Poseidon’s altar before Atlantis is lost forever! Search for hidden treasures and unlock mythic artifacts across the ancient world!




Match three of the same style tiles to clear them from the board. Unlock artifact pieces by clearing the tiles underneath them. 


Play Call of Atlantis free online!



Match four or more tiles to power Poseidon’s Amulet. This powerful amulet will allow you to clear multiple tiles.


Play Call of Atlantis free online!



In some locations, you must find hidden treasure pieces. If you need help, you can click on the Question Mark to get a hint.


Play Call of Atlantis free online!




  Call of Atlantis Tips and Strategies





·          Focus on moving artifact pieces towards the bottom of the board by making vertical matches.




·          Whenever possible, try to match four tiles so that you can quickly power up Poseidon’s Amulet. If the amulet is not ready, use Bomb or Lightning power-ups.




·          Chained pieces must be matched one or even two times before they unlock. Focus on matching chained pieces as quickly as possible, or use power-ups to clear them!




·          Take a few moments to read the clues about where treasure pieces are hidden. This will save you a lot of frustration on the hidden object levels!




·          Be careful about letting artifact pieces get trapped at the edge of the board. Otherwise, you will have to waste power-ups and lots of time to free them.