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Make this bakery into a sugary sensation!
Serve scrumptious cakes to quirky customers in Jill’s latest bakery adventure! Bake, ice and serve your cakes as fast you can and try to keep your customers happy to rake in the big tips! If you're quick enough a booming business might be a piece of cake!






Hand your customers menus and wait for their order.






Head to the oven and bake the appropriate cake for your customer.






Ice your cake and deliver it to your customer.







  Cake Mania 2 Tips and Strategies




·          Serve customers who have little patience first. They will give you a bigger tip and the happy ones don't mind waiting.




·          Try to accomplish other tasks like handing out menus or picking up money while your cake is baking or being iced.




·          Move quick! The faster you serve customers, the happier they will be. Happy customers leave big tips!




·          Once you get two ovens, try to bake two cakes at a time.




·          Pay close attention to your customer's order. If you get the cake wrong, you'll have to throw it out and that deducts from your daily goal.