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  Busy Bistro Game Overview





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Make a meal with your memory!
You don't need to know how to dice, blend or sauté. All you need for this game is a top-shelf memory. Test your memorization skills in this food-based game filled with brain-bending challenges. Make your way from the shopping list to the final touches remembering everything you can about the recipe. Just make sure you do it all before the clock runs out.




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Busy Bistro Game



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Busy Bistro Game



After Choosing a Category, follow the instructions on each page and try to recall the ingredients, the amount sizes, or what cooking term matches the appliances.


Busy Bistro Game



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  Busy Bistro Tips and Strategies




·          Use the time limit. Don't try to rush your way through each "recall" section. You might remember something before the time runs out.




·          Some ingredients are obvious. For example, with Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad, salmon and pasta will be part of the shopping list. Therefore you don't need to strain to remember that. Focus on some of the more obscure ingredients, like spices.




·          Read the cooking glossary. It's a wealth of information, and it will help you ace the cooking portion of the game.




·          Typically, Soup and Salad as well as Dessert have fewer ingredients than Baking and Main Course. If you are finding the game difficult, try mastering these categories before tackling more complex recipes.