Burger Shop

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  Burger Shop Tips and Strategies




·          If you can, try to serve your customers in the order they appear.




·          Right-clicking the right mouse button to auto-deliver an item is MUCH faster than dragging it there manually, and if you're following the above advice, the item will always go to the person you want it to.




·          Remember that you don't have to build a sandwich in order (i.e. bottom bun, then burger, then cheese, then top bun); you can click on the ingredients in any combination and they will be ordered correctly as you go.




·          When you deliver a side item (fries, soda, ice cream, etc.), save some time by swapping in an empty container from the conveyor if there is one handy. You'll usually need the item at some point and be ahead of the game.




·          Don't be afraid to use the BurgerBot. If someone shows up wanting two double-cheeseburgers with lettuce, onion rings, and an orange soda, that order's got BurgerBot written all over it!