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Burger Island

Building the perfect burger!

Mmmm-MMM! What could be better than sitting down to a tasty meal in a tropical island paradise? Unfortunately, this burger stand has seen better days, but you’re just the person to spruce it up, add some enticing new recipes, and make it the hottest place on the island to dine. All you need to do is feed a rush of very picky patrons…

A customer’s order will appear at the top of your screen. You need to complete each part of the order to build the perfect meal and make that customer happy!

Click on the stack of burgers to start a patty cooking. Once it’s done, click the burger and then a tray to place the burger on a bun. Click and apply any condiments the customer requests, then click the stack of top buns to finish a burger.

Make sure to finish each order before the timer counts down into the red, or your customer will become dissatisfied and leave. There’s only a limited time in your shift to meet the day’s income goal, so every customer counts!