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  Burger Island Tips and Strategies




·          Remember to do everything in the right order, or the recipes will be ruined. It may look like a good idea to get a jump on things by putting ketchup on all the buns while the patties are still cooking, but you’ll just end up with unhappy customers. (They’re so darn picky!)




·          Serving all your customers as fast as possible can result in a Perfect Goal; this means extra bonus points, so aim for it whenever you can!




·          The money you earn can be spent on new recipes! Whenever you get the opportunity to purchase one, go for the most expensive recipe you can afford.




·          Try to keep track of which orders were placed in… well, in which order. Make sure to fill the earlier orders first, so that your customers won’t get annoyed and leave.




·          No matter whether you’re making burgers or fries, keep an eye on anything that’s cooking. If you ignore it, the ingredient will burn, and you’ll have to start over!