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Bumper Stars game


Slingshot your way to superstardom!
Send your funny animal Bumper Star careening around the board to gather up fruit and points in this fast, funny, and fruity arcade action game!

With only three shots to clear the board, your challenge is to plan your ricochets carefully in order to garner maximum points with minimum shots!






Click and drag your Bumper Star to make a shot!


Bumper Stars game





You collect fruit when your Bumper Star touches it—collect all the fruit to finish the level!


Bumper Stars game





You have three shots to clear the level. If you use all three shots and there’s still fruit on the board, your game is over!


Bumper Stars game





  Bumper Stars Tips and Strategies




·          Reach for the stars! Star bumpers multiply your points.




·          You can click your Bumper Star at any time to stop its movement – this can come in handy for setting up your next shot.




·          There are several bonuses that you can achieve to accrue maximum points. For instance, clearing all of the bumpers with stars on them gives you a 500 point bonus, clearing the board in less than three shots gives you a 500 point bonus, and if you can finish the level in a single shot, you will receive a 1,000 point bonus.




·          When trying to plan your ricochets, remember that you can get a stronger bounce from the orange bumper.