Play a game of Build-a-lot free online!


The housing market heats up!
Attention potential real estate tycoons! Hone your home-building skills as you build, upgrade and sell houses for huge profits. If you’re savvy enough you’ll flip houses for quick cash or sit back and watch your rental income pile up!




Use your funds to buy enough materials to build the required amount of houses. 


Play a game of Build-a-lot free online!



After you buy the proper blueprints, choose what style of house you would like to build.


Play a game of Build-a-lot free online!



Meet the goals of each level to advance to the next round.  


Play a game of Build-a-lot free online!



Once you complete all levels, you can replay to improve your score. Click any of the levels on the main menu. Try to beat your previous time by completing the goals faster. To submit your score click Post Score or Quit to end your game.







  Tips and Strategies




·          If you are required to build more houses, but you’ve run out of room, demolish the smallest houses. 




·          Increase your rental money by buying bigger houses or upgrading existing ones. 




·          Multi-task! You can build multiple houses at one time if you have enough workers and money. 




·          Make sure you tend to repairs as soon as you can! You won’t collect rent on houses that need repairs.