Title: Play a FREE game of Bubble Shooter!





  Bubble Shooter Tips & Tricks




·          Look for large clusters, high on the board, that will remove a large number of “hanging” bubbles below them.  Try to aim for these, if possible.  If you don’t have a clear shot at one, it might be worth trying to match and remove two or three smaller clusters below the big group, before concentrating on other areas of the board.




·          Use the “bouncy” edges of the board to your advantage!  Rebound a bubble off the edge to maneuver it around and above an inconvenient non-matching group of bubbles.




·          If part of the bubble wall is getting too close to the bottom, concentrate on that until you can push it at least five rows up.  It’s easy to get lost in pursuing a bit cluster, and forget about the danger sneaking relentlessly down a different part of the board!!