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Bryx game

Who built the ancient pyramids?
Buried beneath the sands of time lie the secrets of lost civilizations! It’s up to you to dismantle the pyramids, brick by brick, to discover the hidden mysteries in this fast-paced mystery matching game!




Click on a tile to reveal its image – then click on a second tile to see if you’ve made a match. If the tiles match, they’ll disappear and you’ll earn points. If they don’t match, they will both close again.


Bryx game



Each tile on the same layer will have a match. To finish a round, you’ll have to make every match on a single layer before the time runs out!


Bryx game



When you make a match on a layer below the current layer your working on, bonus tiles will be removed from the topmost layer and you’ll earn extra points!


Bryx game




  Tips and Strategies




·          Speed counts! Click through the tiles as fast as you can – there’s no penalty for a wrong match except the time lost by clicking.




·          The devil’s in the details! Some images can look quite similar – so it pays to pay close attention to the images. For instance, when you see a planet, it may be the Earth, Venus, or Mars. It pays to notice the small differences.




·          Don’t waste too much time searching the lower layers until the upper layers are completed. The time it takes to look for images that may be covered in hopes of a large bonus can cost you when the clock runs out.




·          Above all, have fun! Otherwise, what’s the point, right?