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  Bridge Announcement






[UPDATED: 7/17/08]

Bridge is back!

We’re delighted to announce that Bridge – one of the original titles on MSN Games – will be returning on July 31st.

We’ve partnered with Bridge Base Online (BBO), the world leader in online bridge services, to deliver a feature-rich game for the MSN Games community.

MSN Games Bridge by Bridge Base Online is designed to offer the best possible online Bridge experience to players.

Features will include:

§  MSN Bridge Club – Your place to reunite with players from MSN Games.

§  Quick matchups to allow players to find a game quickly and easily.

§  Variety of games for players of all standards.

§  Tournaments and team matches.

§  Friends & Enemies list: Choose who to play with & who to avoid.

§  Huge member community.

§  Live text chat.

§  Kibitzing – Watch games live.

§  World class play: BBO hosts most of the world’s top Bridge players.

MSN Games Bridge players will be able to find old friends via a built-in search tool that will allow them to lookup the new BBO identities of players from MSN Games/Zone Bridge.

Mark your calendars for July 31 and don’t forget to bookmark this page: http://games.msn.com/en/bridge.

We look forward to welcoming you to MSN Games Bridge by Bridge Base Online!

MSN Games Team