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  Bridge Announcement






Bots available now!

As part of our effort to bring you the best game experience possible, MSN Games is pleased to announce the arrival of bots to ‘MSN Games Bridge by Bridge Base Online’. Bots (short for robots) enhance your game experience by allowing you to play your favorite online card game with a computer-controlled partner, opponent – or both at the same time! You can also play with, or against, the bots to help hone your skills, or just to pass the time while you’re waiting for your friends to arrive.

These free bots are only available on tables in the MSN Games Bridge Club. (If you play elsewhere on BBO you will not be able to access them.)

To play with the bots just visit the MSN Games Bridge Club and follow the online instructions.

In addition to providing bots free of charge we’ve also made several other improvements to the ‘MSN Games Bridge by Bridge Base Online’ experience. We’ve added more chat functionality, made the player window taller (43 pixels, the maximum for 1024x768 resolution)  and also added game population counts.

We hope you like the changes!

MSN Games Team