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  Bricks of Egypt Game Overview







Conquer the challenges of ancient Egypt!
Break through ancient and spectacular Egyptian walls to gather gems, and gain special powers. Make your way through Tutankhamen's tomb, with Egyptian art and sounds, for level after level of new challenges. Press the left mouse button to release the ball, then hit it back when it bounces off the walls. Some walls may take several hits to destroy. Catch green coins for a boost, but don't catch the red ones; they'll hinder you.






Choose a level pack to play. Tutankhamen is the default level pack.






Start by aligning the ball in the center of your paddle. When you're ready, press the left mouse button to put the ball into play.






When you break all of the wall segments on the board, the level is complete and you move on to the next.






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  Bricks of Egypt Tips and Strategies





·          When you prepare to serve a new ball, try to line up the ball on the paddle near the center, so it will head nearly straight up when you release it. In the first few bounces, the ball is often rebounding from the very low-hanging bricks, and it's helpful to have it come straight back to your paddle, since you have little time to react.




·          As you break holes in the lower bricks, look for opportunities to get the ball through those holes and into the open space beyond, where it can bounce around. If the ball becomes "trapped in the upper reaches of the board for a time, it can do a lot of work for you without you even having to hit it back.




·          Sometimes there will be bonus items trapped above the bricks, such as gems or ankhs. By breaking the bricks below these items, you can allow them to fall down to you. If you catch them with your paddle, you earn a bonus, but be cautious. Going for a far-off bonus can cost you the game when it makes you miss the ball.




·          Occasionally there will be bonus "coins" dropped form the bricks above you. Green coins grant you a special power, such as the ability to fire destructive bolts from your paddle to destroy massive numbers of bricks, or the ability to catch the ball on your paddle and hold it, or the advantage of having a larger paddle.




·          Watch out, though. Red coins also drop from the bricks. These coins can cause you harm and make your game more difficult.




·          Having trouble earning that Level 10 Mastery badge? MSN Games community member vb_lau suggests this: "On the last level (Level 8), there are some blue and yellow bricks that cannot be destroyed, but still score you points when you hit them. Milk these as long as you can until you have the points you need. Once you're there, feel free to finish off the other bricks to end the level, and voila, Mastery Level 10!"