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  Bookworm Adventures Tips and Strategies




·          Complete Casual mode to unlock the next level, Challenge mode.




·          If your opponent poisons you, you will lose a bit of health on every turn. The poison wears off after the current battle, though, so just defeat the enemy as quickly as possible!




·          Once you find a word, look for ways to extend it. Never settle for FALL if you could spell FALLS, FALLING, or even INFALLIBLE.




·          You can gain bonus points for Overkill: when your enemy has very little health left, build the longest word you can possibly make, and whomp your opponent for massive damage.  If the damage total is much higher than necessary to dispatch him, you’ll score big.




·          You’ll also nab a huge bonus for taking out an enemy with a single word! When facing a low-level opponent, an eight- or nine-letter word can often destroy it in one shot, giving you bonus points aplenty. You can also score some serious points for a two-word or even three-word kill.




·          Another advantage of forming the longest available word is the possibility of bonus gems. Use a gem tile in your next word to cause extra damage, poison your enemy, or cause some other form of helpful mayhem. Simply mouse over a gem tile to see what effect it will have.




·          Stumped? Hit the Scramble button to discard your current set of letters and summon a whole new batch! Use this feature sparingly, though: scrambling the tiles means skipping your current turn and giving your enemy a free hit!