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  Bookworm Tips and Strategies




·        You can tell if a word is valid by looking at the window below your score. As you select letters, they show up below your score, and if the word is valid, its point value appears in parentheses. Also, the submit button turns yellow.




·        Make longer words and you get fewer burning tiles.




·        If you do not use a burning tile in a word, it will destroy the letter below it and take its place when you click Submit.




·        Create words with five or more letters to earn gold tiles. You will not always earn a gold tile if you create a word with five or more letters.




·        Click on Bookworm to scramble the letters. But be careful, because you will earn a burning tile each time you do!




·        If you have the chance to create more than one word by altering the letter path, examine both words before submitting one. Use the window under your score to see each word and the number of points you will earn for each. Submit the word worth the most points.




·        If a burning tile is getting close to the bottom of the board, try scrambling the letters. The burning tile will still drop down one letter, but the shuffling might give you a chance to use it in a valid word.




·        You cannot scramble the letters if there is a burning tile at the bottom of the board.




·        If possible, try adding an “S” to the end of your word for more points.





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