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Play Bloons free online!


You are a balloon-popping monkey!
What’s more satisfying than popping balloons? Try 50 levels of balloon-popping fun as a dart-wielding monkey! Strategically aim, shoot, and pop your way through balloon configurations and obstacles.




Click Level 1’s image to start. If you want to play with unlimited darts, click the Unlimited Darts mode box at the lower right first. Once in game, point to your darts and click to load.


Play Bloons free online!



Take aim and click to throw! To throw far, click and hold, then release. Pop the Target number to move up and unlock powerful balloons!


Play Bloons free online!



Replay any level that may bedevil, even go for that perfect score. But one fact remains: being a balloon-popping monkey is addictively fun!


Play Bloons free online!


  Tips and Strategies









·          When starting out, try a few levels in Unlimited Dart mode in order to get up to speed. After all, you may be a dart-wielding monkey, but you’re no monkey!






·          Also when starting out, play around and get comfortable with throwing darts. Get used to aiming as well as adjusting the reach of your throw using your mouse. The more time you take before you release your click the more energy to your throw.






·          Plan your popping. You’re not racing against the clock, so take a moment at the start of each level to scan the layout. Always identify any balloons with special powers, and then go for those first.






·          Each level has a Target number of balloons that must be popped before you can advance to the next. If you don’t hit the Target, the level fails, but you can replay.








·          Always note the number of darts you’re allotted in each level and calculate how many balloons you want to or need to pop with each dart. After releasing a dart, see how you fared, and then strategize for the next dart as needed.