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Bird Word Mahjongg

The bird is the word!

Create words and score big points in this mahjongg-style word building game. Unblock new letters as you play, and use multiplier bonuses for even bigger scores. With more than 100 different mahjongg tile puzzles and virtually unlimited letter combinations, you'll enjoy a unique game every time you play!


Unblocked letters are highlighted on the board, while blocked letters are grayed out. Click on any unblocked letter to move it to the word tray. When you have a valid word, click the check mark to score.

Wild Tiles!

The blank tiles are Wild Tiles, and can be used to represent any letter. You can also earn up to three Wild Tiles by scoring a word of 25 points or more. Save these for late in the game when you're trying to clear the last few letter tiles.

Bonus slots!

Some letter slots in the word tray have special multiplier bonuses. Try to play your high-value letters, like J or Z, in these spots to maximize your score!