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  Big Money Tips and Strategies




Grabbing the gold



Striking it rich takes luck, dedication, and a lot of good old-fashioned greed. These tips will have you rolling in dough.



·          When gathering combinations of coins, aim for the top of the pile first. Starting at the bottom can wipe out uppermost combinations.



·          Click fast and aim for large combinations of coins. Larger combinations not only help to clear the board but also fill the money meter more quickly.



·          Once you fill the money meter and earn a moneybag, the meter goes back to zero and you have to start filling it from the beginning.



·          In levels two and three the money meter is constantly bleeding funds. The only way to keep it full is to grab as much money as you can. Move quickly before all of your work drains away!



·          As soon as a moneybag drops onto your pile of coins, concentrate on clearing it from the board.



·          There can be more than one moneybag sitting on your pile of coins, depending on how often you fill the money meter.



·          New rows of coins come faster and faster as you progress through a level. Earn and collect moneybags as fast as you can before the pace of replenishment overcomes you.



·          If you clear a column of coins, the other columns will close the gap, making coin combinations easier to manage. Try to clear columns to make the playing field smaller.



·          As you advance in levels, the number of moneybags required to advance to the next level increases.



·          Avoid letting isolated columns of coins rise to the top. It is tough to make matches in a single column. Manage your coin collection so that the pile is evenly bunched together.



·          Dollar signs ($) will occasionally drop onto your money pile. Their color will match one of the colors represented in the pile of coins. Like moneybags, you collect them by clearing the coin beneath them. The dollar signs are bombs. When you collect them, they will blow up all the coins that match their color.