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  Big Kahuna Reef Tips and Strategies




The most important thing to remember is that the goal of Big Kahuna Reef is to break boxes, not necessarily to make the most possible icon matches. Don’t get so caught up in making elaborate matches that you overlook a box or two!

Here are a few other handy tips for successful play:




·          Try to clear tough obstacles or awkward locations first. For example, if a level includes chained icons, or squares that can only be matched from one direction, take care of these before moving on to the easier boxes.




·          When possible, clear the bottom of a level before moving on to the top. This is particularly important on levels with skeleton fish, but is also a handy strategy everywhere else: while you are working on breaking the bottom boxes, the cascade of new icons will often break many of the boxes above them as well, thus saving you time and effort.




·          If you’re having trouble getting the proper icons to drop into a vertical match, don’t forget that a matching set can be horizontal as well. Try working on the set from one side or the other. In the case of chained icons, you might also want to consider working from underneath it, since icons will cascade around to fill any empty spaces below.




·          Don’t forget to use your fishnet! Instead of saving it for particularly bad situations, make it an integral part of your general strategy.  It only takes a few successful matches to unlock it again after you use it, and it can often save you considerable time on difficult matches.

Note, by the way, that the fishnet can remove skeletal fish!




·          Finally, don’t let the timer psych you out. When you first start a level, take a few seconds to look it over before making your first move. Decide which areas look most difficult, so you know where to work first. A well-considered strategy beats random matches every time!