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  Waves of High Scores!



Congratulations to our Bespelled champions! These players have the magic. Long hours of searching for words hidden in almost random letters would make a lot of people tired, but it just makes these high scorers all the more focused. We applaud your accomplishments!




Top Scores for Bespelled Online!




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Click above to visit the top scores page for the version of Bespelled in which your new, legendary score was achieved. Click on the email link in the appropriate section (a Subject: line will be automatically generated; please do not change it), and fill out the following information:




·          Your name as you would like it to appear in our top scores list. This can be either your first name or your MSN Games nickname.




·          The state/province and region/country in which you live. (This part is optional; you can always choose to be an enigmatic resident of cyberspace, if you so desire.)




·          Your score! This must be the score shown in your screenshot, or it will not be counted.




·          A full screenshot showing the game screen and your score. This must show your score for a game in progress or one that has just ended; screenshots showing only “My All-Time Best,” ”High Scores,” or similar previous scores will not be counted. Here are some tips on how to take and send a screenshot.




·          A brief description of how you achieved your score and how long it took to reach it.




We will be reviewing all submitted scores regularly, so check back often to see if we’ve picked your score!




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Bespelled Deluxe lets you save your game and pick up where you left off so you can build you score to a new high! Try Bespelled Deluxe for FREE!