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  Belle’s Beauty Boutique Game Overview





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Curl up and dye!
Help aspiring beautician Belle cater for a cast of colorful characters in her beauty salon. Keep the customers happy with a wide array of spa offerings including hair styling and nail treatments. But you’ll need to act fast to keep the customers happy – and beautiful – and to help make Belle’s dreams come true.




When customers tell you what kind of treatment they would like, click and drag them to the appropriately colored chair to begin.


Belle's Beauty Boutique game



When using the nail chair, click the color selector to choose the required color. Get it wrong and the customer will be mad!


Belle's Beauty Boutique game



Sit customers wearing the same colored clothing next to each other to score a gossip bonus! Once you’ve helped enough customers, the Super Star Makeover button will light up. Click it to give one customer the makeover of a lifetime!


Belle's Beauty Boutique game



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  Tips and Strategies





·          When a workstation is dirty, click on the chair to make Belle clean it. No other customer can be seated in it until it is spotless.




·          After helping enough customers you will see the Super Star Makeover button flash. Click on it to give one customer the makeover of a lifetime.




·          The faster you can serve customers, the bigger the tip!




·          Be careful not to accidentally seat a customer on the wrong chair. They’ll be unhappy and might not leave a tip.




·          Seat identically dressed female customers next to one another to score a ‘Gossip’ bonus. Seat a male and female next to one another to win a ‘Flirt’ bonus!