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Play Bejeweled 3 free online! 


Play the biggest, brightest Bejeweled ever!
Discover all-new ways to play the world’s #1 puzzle game! While the basics remain the same: swap two adjacent pieces to make matching rows of identical gems, Bejeweled 3 sparkles with the powerful new Star Gem, high-definition graphics, gameplay that’s smoother than ever, and an all-new soundtrack.




Choose Classic mode to begin your free game. Start by swapping two adjacent pieces to create a row of three or more identical gems. The more gems you can align, the more points you get!


Play Bejeweled 3 free online! 



Can’t see a next move? Click the HINT button for help. You won’t lose points … maybe just a little pride. When the meter at the bottom fills, you advance to the next level!


Play Bejeweled 3 free online! 



Certain combinations unlock powerful gems, such as the Flame Gem, the Hypercube, and now the Star Gem. Think ahead in order to unlock them. They’ll help you clear the board and advance to the next level with dazzling speed!


Play Bejeweled 3 free online! 




  Tips and Strategies





Always look ahead for your next move.  If you run out of valid moves, the game is over. Check carefully to see whether your move will open additional match options, reduce your available matches, or leave you without any further matches at all.

Matching a set of gems on the bottom of the screen will definitely affect all the gems above it, so if you can see two valid matches, consider the top one first.

Combos and cascades score extra points! The more combos or cascade matches you can make with a single move, the more the bonus points rack up.  Look for moves which will either make multiple matches at once, or cause the gems above to fall down into more ready-made matches.

Matching four gems will create a flame gem.  Using the flame gem in a match will cause it to explode, detonating all nearby gems.  The catch, of course, is that the more gems you remove at once, the more difficult it is to predict what the board will look like after the explosion.  Be careful not to remove all your match options in one fell swoop!  Unused flame gems carry over between levels, so if you're not sure whether using one would be a good idea, just hang onto it for later.

Making a T or an L match of gems will create a star gem. Using a star gem in a match will destroy all the gems in the row and column that the star gem is in.

Matching five gems creates a hypercube. If you match a hypercube, it will remove all the gems of the color you swapped it with!