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  Bankshot Billiards Cutthroat Game Overview



Bankshot Billiards Cutthroat game




About this game...


Sink your opponents before they sink you! Three players try to stay alive by pocketing the colored balls of their opponents. Take your shots carefully. When you miss you give both of your opponents a chance to eliminate you from the table!











  Tips and Strategies








·         When choosing your color, it might seem obvious to pick whichever one has the most balls remaining on the table. And, in general, this is a good idea. However, check the position of that color on the table first: if several of them look like "easy shots," you might want to choose a different color.




·         Use the default power setting (100%) for the break. Since you're not trying to sink (or to avoid sinking) a specific ball or color, the decrease in accuracy is worth the increased probability of sinking something.




·         As long as you have two or more balls left, it's usually a better idea to sink one of your own balls than to lose control of the table. Since you're contending with two other players, instead of just one, it's not uncommon to see the game won in a single round.




·         While scratching is never a good idea in pool, it's particularly hazardous in Cutthroat. If you scratch, one ball of each opponent’s color will be placed back on the table. Be careful!




·         A simple straight-in shot might not be so simple as it looks. Sometimes it's better to try a bank shot than to risk scratching after you sink that "simple straight-in shot."




Angles & English




·         Hitting the ball on one side (using English) will cause that ball to bounce in that direction once it hits a ball or wall.




·         Hitting high on the cue ball will cause the cue ball to follow the ball it hits.




·         Hitting low on the cue ball will cause the cue ball to retreat a bit after it hits another ball. Hit low when one of your balls is directly in front of a pocket to ensure that your cue ball does not end up in that pocket.




·         Using English on a shot can be very tricky. Make sure to practice before using it. A direct, clean shot without English is always the best bet for beginners.




·         If you do use English or increase the angle on a shot, you will lose power. Make sure to take that into account and boost the power of your shot if needed.