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  8-Ball Billiards Tips and Strategies




Angles & English




·          Hitting the ball on one side (using English) will cause that ball to bounce in that direction once it hits a ball or wall.




·          Hitting high on the cue ball will cause the cue ball to follow the ball it hits.




·          Hitting low on the cue ball will cause the cue ball to retreat a bit after it hits another ball. Hit low when one of your balls is directly in front of a pocket to ensure that your cue ball does not end up in that pocket.




·          Using English on a shot can be very tricky. Make sure to practice before using it. A direct, clean shot without English is always the best bet for beginners.




·          If you do use English or increase the angle on a shot, you will lose power. Make sure to take that into account and boost the power of your shot if needed.









·          Be aware of the 8-ball on every shot.




·          Consider every potential shot before choosing which shot to take. This is even easier to do when the shot radar is on.




·          If one of your balls is blocking a pocket, you might want to leave it where it is and try to sink another one of your balls. It's a sure shot and blocks your opponent from sinking one of their balls in that pocket.




·          If you're stuck with nothing but extremely difficult shots, you could always try to put the cue ball in a position so that your opponent is also left without a shot. Make your opponent do the hard work and your next shot might be easier.




·          When you're left with the 8-ball, pay attention to where the cue ball will go after you hit the 8-ball. If the cue ball ends up in a pocket, you will lose the game.