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  Backgammon Tips and Strategies



Backgammon history
Did you know that people have been enjoying Backgammon for thousands of years? Wonder how they got along before MSN Games? Find out more!




Beginner tips
Two of the top Backgammon players on MSN Games, RedTop and PhilipJSimborg, share their tips for playing a smarter, better game of Backgammon.




Joe Andrews Articles
Card and board expert Joe Andrews launches a new monthly tips and strategy column for Backgammon players at MSN Games.




Listen to Joe Andrews Interview MSN Games Manager, Scott Austin




December 2006
Answers to the Holiday Backgammon.




November 2006
Backgammon clubs –part two of October's column.




October 2006
Backgammon clubs – meeting other players.






September 2006
Running games and blob hitting games.




August 2006
Luck vs. skill in backgammon.




July 2006
An overview of general technique.




June 2006
Intermediate play with the doubling cube.




May 2006
Answers to April’s quiz and a look at doubling.




April 2006
The final installment of the glossary and a look at Pip Count.






March 2006
More on opening rolls & plays, as well as a condensed glossary and an introduction to the doubling cube.






February 2006
In his latest column, Joe discusses dice, board layout and opening plays.






January 2006
An introduction to Backgammon and a condensed history of the game.