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Azkend game


Puzzle your way across a continent!
Use your matching skills to unlock the mighty Talismans and unleash their powerful help as you make your way to the mysterious Temple of Time!




Click and hold the left mouse button to string together three or more matching items.  This will make the items disappear from the board.


Azkend game



When items disappear, the board beneath them turns blue. Turn the whole board blue to reveal a piece of the Talisman at the top of the board.


Azkend game



Lower the Talisman part by matching items below it. When you’ve managed to bring it to the bottom of the board, it will fall out and you will win the level. 


Azkend game




  Tips and Strategies




·          While you only need three items to make a chain – the longer you can make the chain, the more lightning you will release!




·          Don’t just focus on creating chains – remember, the goal of the game is to turn the board blue to release the piece of the Talisman.




·          Keep an eye on the clock and don’t let your time run out!




·          Use Wild Cards to string together super-long lightning charged strings!




·          Avoid making matches that have only tiles with a blue background. It will discharge the thunder.