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  Atomaders® Tips and Strategies




·          Shoot the closest cyborgs with your main cannon first. This buys more time before they get to you and you collect power-up discs faster.




·          Keep track of what kinds of cyborgs are attacking and what formation they are in. This will help plan which ones to shoot first and which ones to take out with super weapons.




·          A fully powered super weapon (four discs) will stay with you no matter what other discs you collect. It will also move with you from one level to the next, so if there are only a couple of cyborgs left and you have a charged super weapon, consider saving it for the next level.




·          Super weapons can wipe out whole rows of cyborgs at a time, so you can immediately recharge a super weapon by destroying a key row (maybe not the closest) and collecting the discs that are produced.




·          Keep track of what discs you’re collecting and how many you have. Grabbing the wrong color disc can send you from a nearly charged super weapon to almost empty.




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Having trouble earning that elusive Level 10 Mastery badge? Check out these tips provided by your fellow community members and you'll be blasting your way to that 10,000 point game in no time!