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Solve the greatest mystery of all time!
The fabled lost continent of Atlantis is out there somewhere and you might be the one to find it! Journey through ancient lands on your quest to find Atlantis. Assemble the pieces of curious artifacts – each one pointing the way to an amazing discovery. Atlantis Quest is a journey of unforgettable family fun!






Click on any tile to swap it with an adjacent tile. Tiles may be swapped horizontally or vertically. Match three or more tiles to clear them from the board.






Move artifact pieces towards the bottom of the puzzle by matching the tiles beneath. When a piece reaches the bottom, it is added to the artifact.






Use the Hammer, Shovel, and Sandglass power-ups to help clear difficult tiles. But keep an eye on the timer bar at the bottom of the screen – if it reaches zero, you’ll lose a life!







  Atlantis Quest Tips and Strategies




·          Since you need to drop artifact pieces off of the bottom of the board, give priority to vertical matches underneath artifact pieces, since those will drop the piece further towards the bottom.




·          Remember that you can use artifact pieces in swaps, and that being able to swap with the piece above it gets an artifact piece that much closer to the bottom.




·          When you can't make a match that directly affects an artifact piece, remember that matches elsewhere on the board often change the board enough that you can work your way to a match that does affect one.




·          Don't underestimate the value of Hammer and Shovel power-ups. Very often you just need to get rid of one piece to finish the level, and a Hammer or Shovel is a great way to do that.




·          Later in the game, locked pieces will appear on the board, and will unlock when they are matched for the first time. Locked pieces significantly affect your flexibility, and should be cleared as soon as possible.