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  AstroPop Tips and Strategies




·          Set up combos by vertically nesting groups of bricks and then triggering them from the side. For instance, if you have a blue brick with three red bricks on top and then three blue bricks on top of that, you can lay down red bricks next to that column and pop the center red bricks. The blue bricks will then come together and pop.




·          If you’re really good, you can set up multiple columns of combos. You could leave a space between them and then trigger them with a stack of bricks down the middle, or you could build up a column two or three bricks wide and trigger it from the side. If you’re really, really good you can create offset layers and trigger a big sideways chain reaction, but it’s probably best not to get carried away.




·          Actually, it’s often better to trigger off single groups quickly than devote any time to combos at all.




·          Use those special power bricks to blow up steel bricks. They can get you into trouble.




·          If the wall is getting close to the bottom of the screen, see if the SUPA Weapon is charged; it can dig you out of a jam in a hurry.