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  Amazonia Game Overview






Completely addicting puzzle fun!

The wild ground of Amazonia hides enormous treasures in a Forbidden Palace. Release the six Spirits of the Elements on the mysterious island of Amazonia and claim the wonderful treasure of the Seal of Unity. Amazonia is an easy to play hexagonal matching game full of colorful graphics, animated backgrounds and exciting bonuses that help you on your journey. Are you ready to visit Amazonia?




Click on any amulet to swap it with an adjacent one. Amulets may be swapped in any direction. Match three or more amulets to clear them from the board.




Every amulet you match helps fill the meter on the left side of the screen. When it's full, you advance to the next level.




Making multiple matches with a single swap or matching sets of four or more in a row generates special hexes that can help clear out lots of tiles at once!




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  Amazonia Tips and Strategies





·          When faced with multiple possibilities, go for the higher matches, as their aftermath won't disturb the lower ones on the board




·          Chained amulets severely affect your flexibility. Get them unchained (by including them in a match) as soon as possible.




·          The level isn't over until you've filled the meter on the left side of the screen all the way to the top. Making matches of 4 or 5 amulets at once will fill it faster than matches of 3.




·          Making matches of 4 or 5 pieces will also cause special pieces to appear on the board. Make sure to involve them in matches to unlock their special powers.