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  Adventure Inlay: Safari Edition Tips and Strategies




·          In Traditional mode, fill the grid as quickly as you can, leaving no unfilled spaces. The larger the piece placed, the more points you get!




·          In Strategy mode, the grid moves a fraction to the left with every piece placed. Fill the spaces as much as you can from left to right, because whenever an unfilled piece falls off the left edge of the grid, the level fails.




·          Determine as quickly as you can which pieces (or stones) you want to place and which one you want to discard. Be ruthless!




·          The Discard box in Traditional mode takes a longer time to process pieces, and you get a limited number of discards. In Strategy mode, you can discard as much as you want without delay; however, each piece you discard moves the grid a fraction further left.




·          You must clear all the blocks from the Level 1-1 board to activate the Shuffle and Rotation Arrow buttons at the top of the board.




·          Cover the spinning stars on the grids. Every star you cover nets you bonus points!




·          The Wand is available in both modes. Use it to fill any out-of-the-way spaces.




·          The Pick smashes one stone (or piece) at a time. You can use it on the grid or in your queue at the bottom of the screen.