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   Addiction Solitaire Game Overview







This Solitaire will addict you—to strategy!
All the cards are laid out—then the Aces are removed. You must rearrange all the cards so they line up nice and orderly, but only by moving one card at a time using the blank spaces to your strategic advantage! It’s a game you’ll want to try “just one more time” to improve your score before you put it down!




1. The goal of the game is to move the cards so they line up in order according to both number and suit, from 2 to King. When the game begins, four blank positions are created. Move cards into these positions to shuffle them around to eventually line up all the cards.





2. A card can only be placed if it falls in order according to the card to the left of the blank spot. For this reason, nothing can be placed to the right of a King. When you are out of moves, use one of your three reshuffles. Cards that are in the right order will not be reshuffled, so your progress will not be lost. In the example on right, a Jack of Clubs is the only card that can be placed there.





3. A card can be moved if it has a thin blue line around it. Look carefully for these indicators as they’ll save you a lot of time looking for cards to move.










 Tips and Strategies







·          Look for cards that can be moved on the right side of the board, and move them first. Work from the right side of the board and move left.

·          Move quickly! There’s a time limit for the game and it’s more important to move cards (using the tip above) than to stop for too long to plan.

·          Only use a reshuffle when the game tells you there are no more moves left.