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8 ball. Corner pocket.
Calling all pool sharks! Enter the pool hall and put your skills to the test. If you’re a sharp shooter, you’ll clear the table in no time and show your opponent who the true champ is!




Aim your pool cue to clear the table of your assigned ball type – solid or stripe. Use the guide lines to help you along.


8 Ball Champion game



Use the meter to make sure you ball has enough power to make it to the pocket.


8 Ball Champion game



If the other player scratches, position the cue ball to have your best chance at pocketing a ball.


8 Ball Champion game




  8 Ball Champion Tips and Strategies




·          Take your time to plan your shots! You don’t want to accidently pocket your opponent’s balls. 




·          The guidelines are handy! Use the white and red lines to aim your shots well!




·          Watch the power meter. Give too little oomph to your shots and you won’t make it to the pocket!




·          When you have you chance at pocketing the 8 ball, make sure you choose the pocket that you can reach the easiest.