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Totally awesome trivia with Martha Quinn!
When it comes to the ’80s … are you bad to the bone or a poser?! Martha Quinn, an original MTV VJ, is the word when it comes to the ‘80s, fer shur. Let her try to psych you out. You’ll either be walking on sunshine or take off to the Great White North!




Click Play Now to load a mondo selection of ‘80s trivia. Select any of the three gnarly categories to put your ‘80s awesomeness to the test!


Play The 80's Game with Martha Quinn free online!



You can click I’ll guess it!, or cllick I know it! to go for beaucoup points. Whoa, click it fast… cuz these points drop like a couch potato, dude!


Play The 80's Game with Martha Quinn free online!



Excellent! Martha gets stoked when you’re right-o-rama. Fill the trivia meter to unlock questions and prove you’re totally tubular to the max!


Play The 80's Game with Martha Quinn free online!




  The 80’s Game with Martha Quinn Tips and Strategies





·          You’re not on the clock. If you don’t know an answer, take your time.




·          In general, click I know it! to maximize points—of course you must answer the question correctly. However, you have more to gain using this feature than you do to lose.




·          Every question you get right has a follow-up about the ‘80s year it occurred. Choose correctly several times in a row to fill the trivia meter. Max that meter to get Eighties Power and two bonus questions!




·          Going for the easier, lower-point questions and getting them right can serve you better than going for the harder, higher-point ones and getting them wrong.